Fine Minerals - Classic Minerals

Delivery & Returns

Q - What if I would like to return my new mineral specimen when I receive it?

A - We understand that you can never truly appreciate a mineral specimen until meeting it in person. Although we make every effort to use the clearest photography and show every detail, only you can decide in the flesh. For this reason we offer full refunds on all crystals that are returned, (minus P+P and charges) undamaged. We must receive the crystal in exactly the same condition it left us, and within 20 working days of our original posting.

You must contact us within 3 working days to let us know that you are returning them, or you will not be eligible for a refund.

Q - My crystal was damaged on arrival, what do I do?

A - Although we make every effort to ensure that each crystal is extremely well packaged and cannot be damaged in transit, some are very delicate and best efforts cannot guarantee that every crystal makes it home unscathed. If your crystal has been damaged in the post you must contact us immediately, stating what's wrong with the crystal. This must happen within 3 days from delivery. Then send back the crystal, and we will arrange a refund (- P+P and charges) as soon as possible. The email must be sent or your refund may be void.